South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Thematic Reviews on Equality

Thematic reviews can be commissioned by the Commissioner and Chief Constable at any time where a need is identified. Other lead officers e.g. the Deputy/Assistant Commissioners or Deputy Chief Constable, may also identify the need for a review, in which case the Chief Constable and Commissioner will need to agree its remit at Strategic Board.

South Wales Police thematic reviews focus on specific areas of interest or strategic importance, identified through a need to improve understanding of the subject or the need to explore performance issues in greater detail. They act as a scrutiny mechanism to explore current practices and to identify good practice and areas for improvement.

Thematic reviews are very much a ‘joint’ working approach between the Commissioner’s and Chief Constable’s teams and should always be seen as such.

A key component of the thematic review process is the opportunity to involve internal employees in the field as well as external subject matter experts and key stakeholders. The reviews provide the Commissioner, Chief Constable, and their leadership teams, with a basis for more informed decision-making, a more effective performance management framework and the ability to effectively manage the delivery of outcomes in the Police and Crime Reduction Plan.

The thematic review process contains five phases:

  1. Scope and Contact Development Phase
  2. Data Gathering Phase
  3. Initial Data Analysis Phase
  4. Critical Friend Phase
  5. Final Report Phase

When a thematic review process has been completed, the findings and recommendations are agreed at the Commissioner and Chief Constable’s Strategic Board. An action plan or strategy is then agreed to jointly progress the are of work.